The Borough of Ceri


Going  in the  direction north from Rome, leaving the shores of the  Tyrrhenian Sea, on an outcrop of vulcanic tufa, is the medieval village of Ceri. A ring of crenellated walls surround the ancient  dwellings , the church of the Virgin Mary and the Torlonia Palace, all facing the village square. The charming agricultural settlement, enclosed in the fortress, is of valuable archaeological, historical and naturalistical  interest and forms a site of rare beauty.
Ceri is an ideal starting point for  many interesting itineraries:
from the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea to those of the crater lake Bracciano with its small, medieval villages perched around the crater;
from the castles of Palo and Santa Severa by the sea to the fortress of Michelangelo in Civitavecchia;
from the  etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri to the hot springs;
from the naturalistic oasis of Palo and the Tolfa Hills to the Caldara of Manziana.
It is immersed in the mediterranean flavours of the Lazio Maremma with its landscapes, wines and local cuisine.
A visit full of charm and excitement in the vicinity of Rome and only a few minutes’ drive from Fiumicino International Airport.

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Borgo di Ceri
p.zza Immacolata 19
Ceri di Cerveteri (Roma)
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cell. +39 328.42.22.294

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Aerial photos by G. Trogu