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The home of the owners is in an old building which contains three separate, self-contained apartments: the “Casa del Facocchio”, the “Casa del Vergaro” and “La Polveriera” . The architecture of the building  emphasizes the historical periods that, over millenia, characterizes the village of Ceri. The Etruscans, the Romans, the Middle Ages and the 18th century all have left evidence of their presence in the village.
The house and the guests’ accommodations all have separate entrances from the village square.The opposite side of the building opens onto  a mediterranean garden, closed to the valley by the crenellated walls. This is a beautiful garden with citrus fruits, olives, prickly pears, laurels, oaks and cypresses. The light, colours and the atmosphere remind us that we are on the last strip of the Maremma and near the sea.
In the garden you will find a grill for summer suppers, the owners small studio, the family vegetable garden and the cellar, carved into the tufa,  where the self-produced wines “live”.
All the interiors preserve the charm of the old burrough; from the original furnishings to the fireplaces, from the  ceilings supported by old wooden beams to the stone floors.
Parking, private and free, is situated  on the premises.


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Aerial photos by G. Trogu